Marcher Markholt
Creative Director


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Creative Director

On behalf of one of Northern Europe’s leading online group for design, home décor, and furniture, we are currently looking for a dynamic, commercial and growth driven Creative Director, to embark on an exciting journey steering the brand through a strategic repositioning. As their new Creative Director, you will lead collaborative efforts to cultivate the brand and content team, boasting brand strength and internal capabilities, to enhance brand awareness and consideration, propelling it to new heights.

The position

As the new Creative Director, you will be a driving force in shaping the holistic representation of the brand with a core focus on the digital store and online presence, ensuring a seamless implementation of the new Brand Book across various channels and consumer touchpoints. Therefore, leading creative teams and hands-on management of creative processes and asset creation for the group's e-commerce and marketing communications will be a central part of the role. Given that the group are repositioning their brand, you will take part in an exciting journey, collaborating closely with the Head of Content and the in-house content team to maintain a unified and compelling brand presence. This entails setting and executing a ‘best in class’ multi-brand strategy encompassing many strong supplier brands, whose stories, and content materials, are to be merged with the groups own brand presence and content production. The key objective for the role is to enhance the brand strength and internal capabilities, with the ultimate goal to increase brand awareness and sales.


In this role, your key responsibilities will entail:

  • Taking ownership of the Brand Book, overseeing updates, and ensuring its seamless implementation across all channels, including compliance with the visual identity, graphic manual, and tone of voice guidelines.
  • Lead design updates to the website to enhance the online brand presence.
  • Manage templates and layouts for the website, newsletters, advertisements, and social media, ensuring consistency and a unified brand image.
  • Develop and implement concepts for inhouse content production, including those of their own brands.
  • Provide constructive feedback and give final approval for creative assets produced by in-house team and partners.
  • Oversee the development of packaging, labels, and in-store communication.
  • Work closely with the Head of Content and the in-house content team, fostering a collaborative environment to maintain a cohesive brand presence.

Your profile

To thrive in this position, you hold an academic degree in graphic design, visual communication, or a related field. Ideally, you should have accumulated 5-7 years of experience within an e-commerce environment, preferably with a multi-brand focus. A background from roles where you have held responsibility for both creative direction and management of creative teams and processes is necessary to be successful in the role.

Your skillset covers creative direction, ideation, and campaign development from a creative standpoint, and you are used to overseeing creative asset production processes and multiple projects at a time. You are commercial and strategic, with a track record of handling diverse brands and a broad spectrum of deliverables, particularly in the context of e-commerce. Given the multitude of brands contributing with content materials, it is crucial that you comprehend strategic and visual capabilities to secure brand relevance and synergies, alongside strong content material selection, to elevate the assets and seamlessly integrate them with the group's own tonality. Thus, you have the ability to strategically select and adapt content from multiple brands to match their own tone-of-voice.

On a personal level, you should embody a highly structured mindset, being adept at maintaining an overarching perspective while attending to details. We seek a creative individual with a keen interest in the digital landscape, staying current with trends that hold significance for specific brands. You have a collaborative approach and are confident in taking conversations on the spot and incorporating feedback adeptly to fuel progress and innovative solutions. As a creative mentor, you possess the experience to inspire your social surroundings. Lastly, your entrepreneurial spirit should be evident, as you enjoy both hands-on operational tasks and strategic initiatives and are comfortable undertaking multiple roles to achieve optimal results.


If you want to know more about the job you can contact Frida Hamilton at frida@marchermarkholt.com or Ina Ödman at ina@marchermarkholt.com.