Marcher Markholt
Associate Creative Director

The Barn, Arla Foods

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Ina Ödman
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Associate Creative Director for The Barn, Arla Foods

On behalf of The Barn, Arla Foods, we are looking for an Associate Creative Director who will join a tremendous growth journey where creativity is particularly sought-after, you will be given the keys to shaping the future of creativity at The Barn and creating a massive impact on and with their brands. 


About The Barn, Arla Foods

The Barn is Arla’s in-house agency, setup to function like a business within the business. This means they have clients, briefs and deadlines just like any other agency. While their client very much have their own separate culture, their clients are also their colleagues. That means that they, as creatives, can get even closer to the business and create more impactful campaigns. Today, they are a strong team specialized in media, tech, strategic communication, campaign development, and content production. They produce in-house in interdisciplinary collaborations. Their approach is marked by curiosity, data-drivenness, results orientation,  and human-centeredness.  They work with all their brands, from Lurpak and Castello to Starbucks and Jörd and to the Danish icons Kærgården, Cocio, and Karoline’s Køkken.  

The global barn is placed in Viby, Aarhus, and out of the Global Barn they collaborate with local colleagues in Sweden, Dubai, UK and Holland. 

Arla Foods is an international dairy company owned by more than 8,400 farmers from Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Arla Foods is one of the leading players in the international dairy arena with well-known brands. Arla Foods is focused on providing good dairy nourishment from sustainable farming and operations and is also the world's largest manufacturer of organic dairy products.


The position

As Associate Creative Director at The Barn, you will play a key role in strengthening the creative output across growing global brands. With proven experience in creating compelling and coherent, digital-driven creative processes and content, you will assure that The Barn delivers competitive full-scale global campaigns. You will utilize your conceptual and execution skills to oversee creative initiatives for specific brands as well as seek out new innovations and technologies to cultivate new concepts and promote exciting new ideas. The role involves having a clear vision for the brand’s creative and cultural direction and empowering teams to facilitate the creative processes. You will guide and lead work on global brands, meaning you are interested in their businesses, and in collaborating with other brands, you are seeking clarity and simplicity in idea execution in a world where a brand's marketing presence needs to be sharp and have a point-of-view to stand out. In close collaboration with account managers, planners, creative teammates, and brand teams, you will be a crucial player in driving the success of the further development of how creativity is shaped at The Barn.


Your responsibilities include:

  • Set a creative vision for brands and own the creative perspective of brand development. 
  • Take lead on the creative development, decide what goes to client, and write presentations and present to a wide range of stakeholders. 
  • Take leadership in executing fresh, innovative concepts that enhance strategies and fulfill client objectives.
  • Create and develop appropriate, workable ways to express and enhance the client’s communication needs and achieve key strategic initiatives.
  • Lead teams through the creative conception, execution, and delivery of processes.
  • Ensure up-to-date knowledge and comprehension of emerging trends and technologies and implement best practices for digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

You will be reporting to Anne Schourup-Kristensen, Head of Creative and the position is located in Aarhus, Denmark which serves as the global head office of The Barn and Arla Foods.


Your profile

To succeed in this role, you have 10+ years of agency experience within creative development for global brands and experience from positions involving responsibility for both creative direction as well as management of creative teams.  With superior strategic thinking and creative skills, you are able to grasp the overall perspective while also catching the devil in the detail. Your expertise covers ideation, brand building, and campaign development from a creative point-of-view, and you are used to overseeing multiple projects at a time. It is essential that you are comfortable working in an international environment and understand how brands work beyond a single market. 

Furthermore, we are looking for a creative with a curiosity for all things digital. You are well familiar with the ever-changing landscape of media channels, thus, you can skillfully navigate the vast digital ecosystem and transcend the boundaries of conventional media formats like film and OOH. Naturally, you remain relevant and attuned to the trends and tendencies that matter most to the specific brands. 

As a person, you are confident in taking conversations on the spot and incorporating feedback adeptly to fuel progress and innovative solutions. You are able to set the team’s needs over your own and have the energy to guide and mentor creatives around you, as well as balance the push of a deadline along with the quality of work. You are a creative mentor and have the confidence and experience to lead both your team and freelancers creatively.

If you want to know more about the job you can contact Klaus Markholt-Hansen at +45 29 91 10 37 or email: klaus@marchermarkholt.com or Ina Ödman at +46 70 781 16 13 or email: ina@marchermarkholt.com