Marcher Markholt
Chief Technology Officer

Leading agency (confidential search)

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Maren Skarneck

Chief Technology Officer for leading agency (confidential search)

We are in all confidentiality, looking for an energized, passionate, and people-focused CTO to become the agency’s driver for further building technology competencies and services. The new CTO will be developing new businesses with customers based on cutting-edge technologies, be responsible for managing, motivating, and further building the team of developers and driving the agency’s ambitious eCom agenda.


The position

As CTO, you will be an integral part of the management team, represent the agency externally towards customers, partners, and other stakeholders, and be the main conveyor of technology strategy and solutions. Moreover, you will be part of a diverse team with different backgrounds and competencies and contribute to its further development through strategic flair and technical knowledge.

The agency’s vision is to further build their strong technology-unit, which comprises high-class and skilled team players. Hence, your role will be to strengthen the team through leadership, guidance, help, and motivation by collaborating with the members collectively and individually, and fostering an excellent degree of empathy and trust. As a strong team leader, you will support the needs of the business whilst progressing the skills and development of the team.

Additionally, you will become a highly valued go-to person in sales pitches, marketing activities and in general representation. Hence, you will work across the organization from the MD to an expert within a specific field, why engagement and passion is essential to succeed in the position.

As CTO, you will manage equally the daily operations in managing a unit, represent capacity and proficiency in the market and drive technology to deliver customer excellence. You will serve as a technical advisor and problem solver to clients and partners, thus assist them in optimizing their use of the tech stack to successfully define, build, and deploy strategic solutions. Thereto, you will collaborate with clients to establish technology strategy at an application level, and by understanding the target market, you will be influencing the delivery of IT projects. If needed, you will assist on pre-sales opportunities such as proposal deliveries, architecture assessments, and technical qualifications.

The main areas of responsibility include:

  • Maintaining a keen interest in, and understanding of, technology capabilities, strategies, and trends, and how they relate to service offerings incl. headless stack
  • Driving the agency’s eCom agenda
  • Managing and addressing technical issues the agency might face, including research and development (R&D).
  • Nurturing and further developing the strong team that complements every member as well as yourself.
  • Understanding of what it takes to run a consultancy and in operationalizing an efficient day-to-day Business Unit regarding staffing, recruitment, and administrative tasks.
  • Ensuring optimal team performance and capacity to deliver commitments and to drive results.
  • Regularly engaging with customers and partners, developing, and maintaining lasting relationships.
  • Leading the translation of the clients' business requirements into system design and architecture.
  • Driving cross-functional projects within your area of responsibility.
  • Estimating time frames, quality and quantity of resources required to successfully implement projects and developing project plans incorporating all project variables including risk.
  • Ability to make key decisions and to be effective in a close team environment.


Your profile

As a person, you are an emphatic tech expert with energy and drive, a positive mindset, and great communication skills in English. You are always focused on delivering the best possible outcomes despite any challenges that may arise. You have excellent presentation skills, are comfortable in communicating with engineers and designers, and you possess the ability to convey the agency's mission with confidence and certainty. Additionally, you highly value structure and order and can maintain a sense of perspective while showing great attention for detail.

You are experienced and passionate within tech and digital and come with approx. 10 years of experience in system integration and development and/or interactive design. You have a keen interest in tech as well as in building great digital experiences and solutions. Furthermore, you have extensive project experience within architecture development, integration of backend systems and the development of specific client requirements within different technologies.

You possess great skills in leadership and hold the ability to develop team members’ capabilities in support of individual career goals. At the same time, you know how to exercise personal influence and resolve conflicts, and you are energized and keen in meeting team objectives and get things done without a direct line authority. With a flair for working with different kinds of individuals, and by keeping yourself up to date with digital trends and technical tendencies and systems, you engage yourself in client relations and strive to understand their needs to deliver strategic and positive solutions and services.

It is essential that you are passionate about your work and know how to execute technical solutions and projects. You find it inspiring to meet new people, thrive working in agile environments, and are keen to be part of one of the largest and most renowned strategic digital houses in the Nordics.



If you would like to know more about the job please contact Klaus Markholt-Hansen at klaus@marchermarkholt.com or Maren Skarneck at maren@marchermarkholt.com.

Please note: This recruitment process runs under the radar and we would like you to help us by being 100% confidential about all aspects of this position.