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CTO til Interflora

CTO for Interflora Denmark
On behalf of Interflora Denmark, we are looking for a highly ambitious, technological advanced and human-centered CTO, with a broad understanding of web and app technology. We are seeking a candidate who is a strategic thinker, effective communicator and tech-savvy expert, who will be able to make executive decisions that will impact both current and future technological operations of Interflora Denmark.

About Interflora
Originating from Germany, Interflora takes pride in being recognized as the world’s largest and most proficient flower delivery network, serving thousands of customers worldwide with personalized experiences and thoughtful sentiments. For more than 90 years, Interflora has enjoyed a reputation for excellence, offering an exciting and fresh selection of floral gifts for every special occasion. From contemporary chic to classic favorites, Interflora create premium, interpersonal and seasonal bouquets every day, that are made with care from a broad selection of award-winning florists belonging to the Interflora family. Each bouquet is handmade from a unique blend of skills, creativity and attention to details, symbolizing the best quality of floral gifts. Although being a largescale company, Interflora has a real ‘small business’ family feel that embrace the working culture and create a unique environment for employees in all hierarchy levels.

Since 1925, Interflora Denmark has played an integral role of a long and traditionally history of flower deliveries to Danish homes and meaningful occasions. With a strong network of talented and local florists, Interflora Denmark delivers the best quality within flowers, wine, chocolate and other gifts for the benefit of Danes. By emphasizing both traditions and innovation with dure diligence, Interflora Denmark has successfully grown and been able to continuously adapt to consumer’s everchanging expectations and needs. In recent years, Interflora Denmark has undergone an award-winning digital transformation, yet remained true to the flower craft and local anchorage, resulting in a booming digital growth and track record of flower sales in their 95-year lifetime. Denmark is a pioneer in technological development, which has also left its mark on Interflora’s digital growth journey and their digital transformation.

The position
As CTO for Interflora Denmark, you will be the frontrunner for the overarching architectural technological strategy, being responsible for assuring competence to deliver services for implementation and development of digital solutions. In this role, you are tasked with making executive technology decisions, ensuring that technological interests are met, and resources are aligned with the company’s technological vision, strategy and business needs. International cooperation is included in the job, due to Denmark’s position when it comes to technological development and Interflora’s digital growth. You will set the technical and strategic agenda, directing the day-to-day management and the development of the technological department of employees, while implementing new processes and be the decisionmaker in relation to all technical details. Thus, you will be responsible for quality assurance of the company’s productions, balancing the long-term needs alongside its immediate ones.


Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Envisioning how different forms of technology will be used in Interflora Denmark’s services and digital channels, while ensuring technologies that are currently in use are efficient, up to date and continuously adaptive to changes
  • Managing Interflora Denmark’s technological plans, ensuring that the technological aspects are in line with the company’s growth targets and technological developments
  • Aligning technological resources with Interflora Denmark’s short-term and long-term business needs
  • Outline goals for research and development, and investigating new ways of how Interflora Denmark’s technical assets can be improved
  • Creating timelines for the development and deployment of all technological requirements, and ensuring all technology practices adhere to regulatory standards
  • Be a role model for your team and the company, proactively communicate internally where Interflora Denmark originates from, where they currently are today and where they are heading towards in the future, alongside building successful stakeholder relationships and create value-added activities
  • Secure best practice by engage in Interflora Denmark’s culture, team development and progress; thus, it is crucial that you can build trust, uphold a true team spirit and understand the importance of collaboration with various stakeholders


Your profile
We are seeking a technical savvy profile, who holds an advanced technological skillset and demonstrated background from working in similar roles as CTO, Technology Lead or Developer. As such, you have a keen understanding of both front-end, back-end and IT knowledge, along extensive industry knowledge with an eye towards the future. You are curious and innovative, who thrives from staying up to date with the latest technology progressions that can be translated into the future vision of the company. You have proven experiences from conducting technological analyses and research, and knowledge of technological trends to build strategy.

Moreover, you have proven leadership abilities and possess strong team management skills, focusing on department development, performance and securement of full compliance with group policies, procedures and local laws and regulations. You have excellent verbal and written communication proficiencies, the ability to mentor and delegate tasks efficiently. Taken together, you are a true inspiration and can successfully lead the way forward.

From an education perspective, we believe you hold BSc/BA in Computer Science, engineering or other related field; MBA or other relevant graduate degree is a plus. The ideal candidate can maneuver the following programs: headless websites, decoupled architecture, JavaScript frameworks, microservices, system architectures, cross platform apps, test driven development, php and scrum.