Marcher Markholt
Frontend Tech Lead for Custom Solutions


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Kris Ledel

Frontend Tech Lead for Custom Solutions


Are you passionate about front-end technology? Can you develop modern websites and applications for large Danish and international companies in VueJs, React, NodeJs, Git and maybe Typescript? On behalf of Novicell we are looking for a Frontend Tech Lead for Custom Solutions, who will play an important role in the development of major customer solutions and be driving force in your team.

About Novicell

At Novicell, they are nimble and diligent. That means they treat each other and our environment well, without compromising on delivering high quality to their customers. They have replaced long employee handbooks and rules with dialogue and responsibility, and they want work to be fun! That's probably the attitude that shines through most when you walk through their doors. Otherwise, there's no point in spending so many waking hours together, is there?

Therefore they offer:

  • An unpretentious organization with great personal freedom
  • A creative and inspiring environment with the opportunity to shape the company's development
  • A strong social culture with many activities and events
  • Free tickets to ARoS and MOMU
  • More discounts of up to 40% at Salling, Pilgrim, DESIGNA, Hotel Vejlefjord, Flügger, Gyoto.dk and much more
  • Free massage, free gym membership, free shirt cleaning, trips to their other offices around the world and more
  • A lot of social events: annual Novicell Camp with all offices, Christmas and Easter parties, summer party, Friday bar, Smukfest event etc.
  • Various clubs to be part of, e.g badminton, paddle, cinema, Novi(ale) club
  • The industry's kindest and most diligent colleagues

At Novicell they are very aware that we also have a life "outside work". You don't get extra points for being the last man/woman in the office every day. Rather, they encourage you to pack up at 4pm and do
something other than work - at home or with good colleagues.

The position

  • Develop custom solutions that the customer loves?
  • Working in headless format where the presentation is not dedicated by the CMS?
  • Be part of a growing company with over 400 hard-working employees?
  • Having fun while you work?

You will be working on the following:

  • Implementation of responsive/adaptive designs in HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Implementation of sites, primarily in Vue / NUXT / Umbraco
  • Implementation of performance critical websites
  • The interface between client-side and server-side code

Novicell build on the MACH architecture, which means that:

  • Microservices - Our APIs consist of micro-service runtimes that talk to each other, and their

integration layer is built on Azure Functions

  • API-first - All our solutions are API-borne, where the front end can deliver the best possible
  • user experience on top of the underlying APIs
  • Cloud Native - They use all the latest cloud services such as message queues, API gateways and Function Apps in Azure
  • Headless - Underlying CMSs are used in headless format and presentation is not dictated by the CMS

Your profile

Nocivell value your experience in front-end development more than your education. However, it is
important to us that you have the courage to develop your skills further and can acquire new
knowledge yourself.
They imagine your profile to be:

  • Have several years of experience with frontend development in Vue, React, Node, TypeScript, Git - preferably from an agency or consultancy.
  • You may have experience with CMS for example Umbraco, Sirecore, Drupal or other.
  • You are self-driven, take initiative for new tasks and generally follow your tasks through.
  • You can contribute to knowledge sharing within the team and across departments.