Marcher Markholt
UK Copywriter


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Ida Sganzerla

UK Copywriter to Advance

On behalf of the creative agency Advance, we are looking for a senior native English-speaking copywriter and concept developer who is proficient in both B2B and B2C communication. The ideal candidate has worked with international clients and preferably also has experience within healthcare. 

About Advance
Advance is an independent creative communication agency owned and managed by partners, who help Danish and international companies sharpen their competitive edge, locally as well as internationally, through communication.

The company is based on a balance between strategists and creators, and they believe that solutions that are not based on insight and that cannot be understood communicatively will never work effectively.

Advance was established in 1976 and is today one of Denmark's largest independent creative agencies. We are economically sound with 60+ employees from most parts of the world. The agency is located in central Copenhagen in beautiful office space and works for companies such as LEGO, Coloplast, WSA, Ecco, Danfoss, Norden, ISS, Johnson & Johnson, Simcorp, Carestream et. al.

The position
As UK Copywriter you will play an essential role in crafting strong concepts, produce flawless, written content and prove your ability and confidence to present and sell-in work to clients. You are used to work with large companies with complex business problems and multiple stakeholders.

With experience in branding, positioning and strategic thinking, you will engage as a team player who is not only able to lead and motivate, but also to set an example for junior creatives. With a proactive mindset you will influence both the creative department and across the entire agency.

Your primary clients will be Coloplast, Danfoss and Johnson & Johnson, and you will be working with international, likeminded creative departments.

Advance and their clients highly values creating work that is as strategically solid as it is well-executed. Moreover, the agency believe that this ability has been, and continues to be, reflected in the solutions they provide to customers. You will play a central role in ensuring that they continue to deliver, protect and further develop this well-earned reputation.

In this position, you will work out of Advance’s office in Copenhagen. 

Your profile
The ideal candidate has a minimum of 5 years agency experience, preferably servicing larger international clients. It is essential that you understand branding principles, positioning and value propositions. You come with demonstrated proficiency in creating film ideas, scripts and productions, and hereto understands the SoMe principles, media, post copy and digital film creation. It is crucial that you are a native English-speaking copywriter, who not only can produce flawless, written products, but also can develop creative concepts and ideas.

It is preferred that you have experience in web, email, print and trade fair materials. Moreover, you know how to create and sell an idea in a pitch presentation, thus possesses solid communicative and interpersonal skills. It is of great importance that you are naturally skilled in relationship building, focused on achieving results, and come with an action-oriented approach. You are both collaborative and independent in making decisions – and you like to make decisions quickly in response to changing conditions.

You are a quick learner and fast worker, not of fragile disposition, who is used to dealing with large companies and complex business environments. You are goal oriented, have a sense of urgency and enjoy varied activities in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. The end-result is the center of your attention, and you strive for idea generation and creative problem-solving.

 As a person, you are extrovert, confident, enthusiastic and stimulate actions and ideas in the people surrounding you. You are able to delegate “details” when necessary, and follow up on time, though still with the promise of delivering high quality work. Finally, you desire accountability to create results and are not afraid of trying something new as well as inspiring others to do so. You are highly organized and disciplined and never lose track of either projects or deadlines.