Marcher Markholt


Looking for a freelancer? Our Fre Agents™ platform is free until July 2020

Get matched with freelancers without paying the usual 15% fee until July 2020.

We have some good news for all of you with a need for flexible and highly qualified extra hands! Due to the current Covid-19 situation and job crisis, we have decided to help out businesses and freelancers by offering to use the Free Agents™ platform for free until July 2020. This means you can get matched with our 1200+ freelancers without paying the usual 15% fee.

And why should you hire a freelancer? We are experiencing an increase in the number of unemployed and highly talented profiles within marketing, communications, digital, tech, and commerce. A lot of talented freelancers are ready, willing, and able to immerse themselves in new assignments.

Likewise, we are aware that the current epidemic has forced many companies into layoffs and the job market is undergoing an unprecedented shakeup. In times like these, demand can rise and fall, and the sudden reorganization can create hasty and sudden need for qualified hands. However, due to the current uncertainty, we are experiencing that companies are hesitating with employments. Freelancers might be the best positioned to pick up some of the work.

The door is knocked down for more freelance work. If you want to explore freelance opportunities and get matched with our +1200 freelancers without paying the usual 15% fee, head over to Free Agents™ and post your job opening.