Marcher Markholt
Chief Technology Officer

Loomis Pay

Chief Technology Officer

Loomis Pay is an ambitious and well-financed FinTech, quickly moving into the scale-up phase, why we are looking for a self-driven CTO, who will be responsible for outlining the architecture, technological vision, and building a solid engineering competence. One of the foremost responsibilities is to create a high-performing IT organization based on values which enables the whole organization to experiment and learn, discover value early and fast as well as deliver and change direction when needed. 

The key challenge will be to build a transaction heavy, fast and secure system. Not only should it be capable of handling all POS and payments transactions of merchants, but their position implies that it will be the centerpiece in the tech stack of companies with integrations to most other company systems. As the company is free from legacy systems, it is expected to be a key competitive advantage as they can learn from the mistakes of other payment companies and build something that is leading the way in FinTech.


About Loomis and Loomis Pay

Loomis is number one or two in cash-in-transit and cash management in most European markets and the US, and with 25,000 employees, it is serving hundreds of thousands of merchants in its network. The company has a strong heritage dating back to 1852 and the Goldrush on the US West Coast. Today the core of the company is being a leading specialist in creating efficient flow of cash and international valuables logistics solutions. Through a global network of Loomis’ branches, partners, suppliers and agents, the company offers comprehensive solutions to handle and transport primarily cash to banks and retailers but also precious metal and foreign currencies – both locally and globally.

A key part of the strategy is to expand across the value chain. This has previously been done with extensions into products like Safepoint and FX handling. A major step is now taken into the field of digital solutions and payments by launching a separate company and a commitment to invest; Loomis Pay. This FinTech company is a complete end-to-end payment platform for merchants and manages all types of payments, including cash, card and other digital alternatives – both in-store and online – and will complement the existing business and increase the addressable market for Loomis. It is solving for the complexity that merchants are facing today as they have different partners for POS, cash, card payments, local payment options, gift cards, etc. The idea is simple; offer the merchants one contract, one settlement and all payment options – Loomis Pay becomes a one-stop-shop.

Initially, Loomis Pay will be marketed to small and midsize merchants leveraging Loomis’ existing merchant contacts and long-term relationships, and it is expected that the solution will bring numerous benefits for Loomis' customers by reducing complexity, increasing reliability, all while improving speed to market.  Despite Loomis Pay being its own product company, there will be a strong and close collaboration between Loomis and Loomis Pay. The benefits of a large international merchant base and strong merchant relations built by Loomis is a unique advantage as well as the service network of 25,000 employees.


The position

As CTO for Loomis Pay, you will become part of a company in rapid growth in which you will be overall responsible for assuring resources and competence to deliver services for implementation and development of projects while outlining the company's technological vision, implementing technology strategies and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the business’ needs and strategy.


Other key responsibilities include:

  • Free from legacy, you will be responsible for designing and developing a solid structure of new technology solutions and systems that can handle large transaction volumes in an extremely fast and secure way – a thrilling and significant ecosystem of data and the foundation for opening up for various interesting partnerships
  • In parallel with the aforementioned, you will be building and forming your team, attracting new talents, outlining the engineering culture and driving the existing technological and architectural setup and development according to the highest and latest standards
  • Ensuring regular and proactive team development and focusing on direct reports competence, performance and future development steps for a team of 20 – 25 consultants and specialists to start with
  • Be a role model for both your team and the company and proactively communicate and inform internally where Loomis Pay come from, where they currently are and where they are heading, along with building a successful relationship with the business leadership to provide value-added consultation to influence and promote best practices
  • Secure best practice sharing and build and drive culture, team development and progress that reflect speed, entrepreneurship and straight and sound communication; It is, therefore, crucial that you are able to gain trust, have flair for developing relationships within an organization and come with a true team spirit and understand the importance of working together with different stakeholders to achieve successful goals

You will be part of the management team, report directly to CEO at Loomis Pay, Kristoffer Labuc, and work very closely with the CPO. Moreover, as Loomis Pay will be rolled out globally, you will be the technology expert on M&A handling and navigating a global operation across the US, Asia, Latin America, and Europe.


Your profile

We are looking for a visionary and technical savvy profile, who thrives in fast-paced growth companies and has the right strategic and commercial thinking to grow a multi-national FinTech company. We believe it takes great problem-solving capabilities, comfortability in navigating complex environments, frequently with unknown unknowns and constraints, along with the ability to combine strategic height with in-depth knowledge and being hands-on. You excel at hiring and developing engineering talent and setting the pace and structure for high performing teams and have experience in building scalable organizations. You like to start small, iterate and scale fast and want to push the envelope in tech and challenge the status quo.

From an education perspective, we believe you have a BSc/BA degree in Computer Science, Engineering or similar, and an MBA or another relevant graduate degree is a plus. We expect you to come with a deep understanding of generating business value in the FinTech area and with proven solid experience from a similar position, preferably from the digital payment sector or from a leading software/tech company. Advanced IT knowledge and an understanding of technological trends to build strategy is essential to succeed. Moreover, you have the ability to conduct technological analyses and research, have experience from M&A, have knowledge of the full stack of the technology and are in general at the forefront when it comes to tech development and opportunities. 

Since Loomis Pay is handling transactions and money, you have an understanding of how to build reliable systems and of developing and maintaining safety procedures to reduce the risk of outside breaches. It is beneficial if you have been exposed to and built high transaction environments in some way. Knowledge of PCI-compliant architecture, PSD2, E-commerce, or payments from banks are of course also a great plus. 

You have the stakeholder management skills needed to bring people on board on the journey and to build healthy relationships with other CxOs and your team. In addition, you are a true people person with an openminded and forthcoming attitude and are able to collaborate and navigate across all levels, divisions and teams – locally as well as globally – and you hold the ability to empathize with people and to understand different perspectives. You hold excellent communications and presentation skills and can translate between business and technical spheres while focusing on the big picture and ensuring that projects are going in the right direction. You have flair for making the complex simple as well as finding new approaches, solutions and ideas.

Generally, you are curious and innovative and have the talent to recognize the value of staying apace with technical trends, newest tools and industry trends, and you think strategically about the future. You thrive in a pragmatic culture where conversations are straight and open. At last, you are intrigued by the thought of being at the forefront of payments, along with a talented and passionate team.


Marcher Markholt handles the recruitment process; if you want to know more about the job, please contact Frida Hamilton by e-mail: or phone: +46 72 3763 815 or Klaus Markholt-Hansen by e-mail: