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Creatives for River

On behalf of River we are looking for conceptually strong Creatives passionate about culture, human behavior, and new trends. Your main strength is to come up with ideas and creative concepts. With a positive, can-do attitude and strategic mindset, you successfully master all different aspects of being a Creative, from pitching to overseeing production.

About River
River is a creative agency founded in 1997 that works with communication, advertising, branding, social media, design, and everything in between. The River office is on Kungsgatan in Stockholm with a terrace overlooking the yard. At the moment there are 25 Riverians, including office manager Frida who make’s the world best breakfasts. River works with clients such as Nike, Klarna, SF Studios, Blueair, Stora Enso, Truecaller and LeDap. River’s method and philosophy is called Cultural EngineeringTM. It’s a methodical, modern creative consultancy working to transform consumer culture and influence society. River does this through insight driven ideas and mechanics, versatile creatives with good understanding of strategy and entertainment, by forming unexpected alliances and by constantly staying agile. In River’s opinion, creativity is the strongest transformative power and champion of business leverage.

The position
As a Creative your job will mainly be generating ideas and creative concepts. You will then oversee these ideas – from fragile embryos to fully fledged campaigns and beyond- being involved in every part of the process. Through this, you will play several roles; idea salesman, management consultant, artist and entertainer, convincing and inspiring stakeholders to do what makes most sense for their businesses and brands. The position requires knowledge and interest in cultural and societal issues, profiles and trends, as well as proficiency in the creative techniques, tools, and software related to your craft (for example art direction/copywriting). Almost everything you create at River should have an earned media core, always keeping in mind that the communication competes for headspace with not just other ads, but also the consumer’s favorite TV-show, hobbies and even family. Classic advertising will not be enough.

Your profile
To succeed in this role, you have at least 4 years’ experience working with globally recognized brands. Your biggest strength is coming up with outstanding creative ideas and concepts, whether it is for a global 360 campaign, a TV commercial, a PR activation, a new product or a social post. You have a strong craft in visual and/or written communication, which you use to bring ideas to life. In. You are always trying to improve and perfect this craft, searching for new influences and apprehending trends. You love presenting your ideas in an inspiring, understandable, and convincing manner both verbally and through stunning, well-structured presentations. Moreover, you are comfortable with the whole creative campaign process, and have previous experience briefing and working with external creative partners like photographers, directors etc. All your tasks are handled with a strategic mindset, and you have a good understanding of how to create work that aligns with a company’s brand values, goals and overall business. On a personal note, you are a blast to be around, and you want to contribute actively to the agency culture. You focus on opportunities and solutions rather than problems and obstacles and are not afraid to take own initiatives and bring new perspectives to River.