Marcher Markholt
Head of Commercial Management & Product Development


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Head of Commercial Management & Product Development

Head of Commercial Management & Product Development for Scandlines
On behalf of Scandlines, we are currently seeking for a commercial, entrepreneurial, and motivated and Head of Commercial Management & Product Development, who will take an active part of Scandlines management group and help the business reach growth and pivotal digital touch points.

About Scandlines
Scandlines is a modern and innovative ferry operator with a green vision for the future, taking pride in being a resilient culture based on a strong German-Danish cooperation and maritime history dating back to 1872. Today, Scandlines is owned by three infrastructure funds and owns the world’s largest fleet of hybrid ferries operating between Germany and Denmark from the German harbors Puttgarden and Rostock, and the Danish harbors Rødby and Gedser.

Scandlines have set a clear vision to reach a green ferry operation, continuously aiming at finding the best and most sustainable technical solutions. Thus, Scandlines offers a fleet of hybrid ferries, where petrol or diesel is combined with electricity, alongside having noise-reducing thrusters that produces less underwater noise and further reduce CO2 emissions, and a rotor sail that is powered on the wind. Furthermore, Scandlines focuses on reducing food waste, less use of chemicals, a safe work place and more green spaces on land to integrate sustainability throughout all activities.

With more than 38,000 departures on seven ferries, Scandlines transported over 3.6 million passengers, 950,000 cars and 720,000 freights on the routes Puttgarden-Rødby and Rostock-Gedser in 2021. Scandlines core business is to provide an efficient and reliable transport service for both passengers and freight customers, with an overall focus on delivering great customer experience throughout all activities – from onboarding the ferry to excellent customer service in their BorderShops.

Scandlines offers a dynamic and versatile work culture, with enthusiastic colleagues, an informal working atmosphere, and good employee relations. You will have the opportunity to shape your everyday life and have a steep learning curve, whilst working in bright and modern offices in Havneholmen, Copenhagen. Additionally, Scandlines offer salary according to qualifications, pension scheme, health insurance, holiday days, discount schemes, free travel, and canteen scheme.

The position
In the role as Head of Commercial Management and Product Development, you have the overall responsibility for overseeing Scandlines business growth, day-to-day operations and focusing on the long-term interests of the business. You will be part of the Group Marketing and Sales management team and will report to the SVP of Sales and Marketing,

As Head of Commercial Management and Product Development, you will be tasked to identify and develop better business opportunities for improved growth, with duties maintaining partnership relationships, analyzing and developing current and existing strategies, and developing improved action plans.

Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Develop go-to-market plans across markets in close collaboration with management in the Group Marketing & Sales
  • Ensuring that plans and strategies are connected and aligned, holding an overview and umbrella perspective to achieve synergy between the different areas and markets
  • Oversee, optimize, place and source customer service/call centers
  • Project management over larger strategic projects, e.g. the digitalisation of the port infrastructure
  • Preparation of business cases for starting/planning commercial projects
  • Customer experience: ensuring that Scandlines deliver excellent service throughout all channels to all customers
  • Development of partnership strategy and entering new partnerships
  • Sales responsible for car segment
  • Sales reporting to management in Group Sales & Marketing and top management group
  • Development of business cases for new commercial initiatives
  • Product development, ensuring that product offering aligns and is in connection with the sale of tickets for cars, being both attractive and competitive
  • Correct prizing models in relation to the market and demand
  • Competitor monitoring and ensuring that Scandlines act on events and trends happening on the market

Your profile
To succeed in this role, you possess the ability to identify issues and areas for improvement through analysis, strong commercial acumen, and business understanding, and can manage both internal and external relationships. You are an excellent leader who is team orientated, holding strong relationship and interpersonal skills. Further, we seek a candidate with proven communication proficiencies both in a written and verbal manner, alongside proven numeracy skills. You are fluent in Danish and English, whilst having knowledge in the German language is a plus.

The ideal candidate should bring enthusiasm and passion for adding value to help growing business and be willing to shape the process and procedures, along being committed to maintaining constant awareness of projects, financials, and trends. This role requires someone who is creative, analytical thinker with exceptional organizational abilities, ready to take on the exciting journey on helping Scandlines reach momentum through strategic holistic thinking, digital touchpoints, and commercial awareness.