Marcher Markholt
Lead Consultant

Infomedia Denmark

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Lars Holm Marcher
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Lead Consultant
for Infomedia Denmark

On behalf of Infomedia Denmark, we are looking for a strategic, structured and committed Lead Consultant, who will be responsible for providing strategic guidance to Infomedia’s customer base and translating media analytics into value-added growth strategies in a business setting.

About Infomedia

Infomedia is a Nordic Media Intelligence company and is a market leader within media monitoring, media intelligence and media analysis. The company is a frontrunner in media monitoring and communication insights across print, web, broadcast and SoMe platforms in the fast-changing global media landscape. With people, technology and data as the core ingredients of their market-leading insights, they support companies, governments and organizations to make better tactical and strategic decisions to navigate both opportunities and risks around their brands, industries and general trends from a branding and communication perspective. By keeping up with trends and tendencies within the industry and society, and with a profound understanding of qualified data, Infomedia functions as a strategic partner, providing insight and advice to strengthen their client’s strategic efforts across different business areas, markets, and national borders.

Infomedia consists of a sound combination of experienced specialists and young professionals with a commercial and pioneering view on media monitoring and media analysis. The company has 240 employees in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Tallinn and the headquarter is located in Copenhagen. In addition to Infomedia’s own portfolio of media and communication solutions, they also partner with some of the leading global social media platforms such as Talkwalker, Hootsuite and ZeroFOX.

In the recent years, the company has acquired two companies. In 2018, they acquired Opoint Technology, a leading web-crawler platform for global online media monitoring. The acquisition has made Infomedia a global player in the media monitoring space, providing relevant business critical media insights to other media monitoring companies worldwide. In l 2019, Infomedia acquired three media monitoring companies from M- Brain with activities in Oslo, Stockholm and Tallinn.

The position

Infomedia offers a number of standardized and automated reports on media monitoring services and media analysis for their customers. The primary task of the consulting department is to offer a more complete interpretation of the analyses by advising clients on media efforts, benchmarks and utilization of synergies across media and organizational business units.

As Lead Consultant, you will play a key role in consulting clients within both strategic and commercial communication, and in advising clients in getting the right analysis and insights in to play based on a strong understanding of the company’s and competitors’ business, reputation, brand and communications impact and assessments of opportunities and risks. Moreover, you will provide this strategic advice to Infomedia’s enterprise clients, as well as help them translate media analytics into value-added strategies from a business perspective. This to create successful results and insights with the ambition to continue positive growth with a solid profitability, both for the customers and the Infomedia business.

With a strong drive and an analytical mindset, you will bring data and insights into play as an effective decision-making process and be at the forefront when it comes to analysing large companies’ communications and brand impact. You will be responsible for analyses, data visualizations and dashboards, and for developing and conducting engaging presentations for various kinds of stakeholders. Through your solid presentation skills and ability to create strong relationships with your clients, you will become responsible for generating an increase in media monitoring services by advisory sales of media analyses, communication analyses, impact analyses and consulting services with the objective to increase sales and profitability. Thereto, you will actively be participating in sales processes.

You will work from Infomedia’s headquarter in Copenhagen and refer directly to the company’s Chief Consulting Officer, Anders Uttrup.

Your profile

The ideal candidate comes with minimum 6 years of relevant experience from a similar position and has a solid analytical toolkit. In previous positions, from either another major company or from management consulting, you have worked with a wide range of analysis programs and systems and come with experience within strategic and commercial client consulting within the communications, marketing and business development area. Experience from media monitoring, media analysis or business intelligence companies is seen as a huge plus. With strong English communications skills, you naturally enter the stage, presenting your ideas and findings in an inspiring way to a broad and large audience. Thereto, you are used to make engaging presentations. You possess solid consulting skills, are used to act as a strong sales advisor on a management level and have a hands-on approach to your work. To succeed in the role, it is essential that you hold a critical view on brands and companies, know how to find valuable insights from complex amounts of data and not at least have the ability to communicate it in a simple and understandable format. Hence, you are able to equilibrize between media and brand and to predict the future of a specific brand.

As a person, you are energetic, structured and reliable with a strategic and positive perspective to analytics, communications and business development – and always keep your customers at top of mind. Furthermore, you are proactive, welcoming and outgoing, stating your opinions while you at the same time make room for your colleagues. At work, you are proactive and passionate about analytics and their applications in decision making and additionally, you have a well-developed analytical mindset as well as a creative approach to analysis work. You constantly keep up with the news agenda and the current public and societal debates, ensuring that you always are one step ahead when it comes to monitoring and analyses. This to guarantee that Infomedia's analysis team is always at the forefront of development and innovation and able to respond proactively to their customers upsell. Thereto, it is important that you are naturally curious and have a well-developed sense and interest in the latest trends in the analysis of digital and traditional channels, as well as for media monitoring and analysis of communications impact in large companies and organizations. It is essential that you pay close attention to detail, but at the same time are able to see things from a broader perspective.

You are used to communicate with directors and managers – both in daily dialogue, in reporting insights and in discussions about future projects and find it motivating to create insights for your customers business. Thereto, you are driven by making commercial results for your customers and are passionate about media monitoring. With a result-oriented mindset and a winner mentality, you know that teamwork is the best way to succeed. Hence, you continue your work in spite of challenges, while you ensure to keep an engaging and welcoming atmosphere within your team.

Marcher Markholt handles the recruitment process; If you want to know more about the job, please contact Lars Holm Marcher via e-mail: or by phone: +45 2487 5531.