Marcher Markholt
Head of High Net Worth
Partnerships & Channels

Phase One

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Head of High Net Worth Partnerships & Channels for Phase One

Phase One is looking for a senior Head of High Net Worth Partnerships & Channels who will be responsible for driving commercially relevant business opportunities through identification and activation of strategic brand partnerships with strong product collaborations towards specific common and global target groups for high-end luxury product as well as channel and distribution opportunities towards these segments.

About Phase One
Established in the early 1990s, Phase One is a true digital photography pioneer with a passionate commitment to image quality excellence and creative freedom. The company is a world-leading provider of medium format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers and industrial applications. Through the years, Phase One has produced imaging breakthroughs from high-resolution camera systems to advanced software for better photographic workflows and they possess a deep understanding and ability to optimize hardware and software integration. Phase One has an interesting history of building long-lasting relationships, making sure their customers get the best products, upgrades, and services. They aim to deliver nothing less than the best solutions for all their customers, and to give them an extraordinary experience with Phase One.

Phase One’s headquarter is based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where they embrace the high demand of Scandinavian design excellence combined with advance technology and craftmanship. Further they have offices in New York, Tokyo, Cologne, Hong Kong and Beijing, as well as teams of global partners. Phase One has just been acquired by the leading private equity firm Axcel who comes with interesting growth ambitions and knowledge to the company.

The position
As Head of High Net Worth Partnerships & Channels, you will have a key role in developing and executing Phase One’s strategic brand and product partnerships program and creating global awareness, in a way that drives commerciality. Further you will have a responsibility to identify and expand distribution opportunities with relevant channel partners. This will be through a strong focus on equity and sales towards specific target groups through leapfrogging the commercial right brand partnerships and distribution collaborators. Thus, what will ultimately be the most essential and important part of this position is identifying new partnerships and business opportunities and drive the conversation and commercial developments towards new partners, as well as managing existing stakeholders. This all to ensure complete strategic alignment across the partnership portfolio of Phase One’s high-end solutions.

Therefore, you will be responsible for building a pipeline of collaboration partners, and you will ensure consistency in brand execution through definition, dialogues with key stakeholders, and brand governance. Furthermore, you will be responsible for engaging with partners business development departments in their organizations and build strong relationships with key stakeholders. Eventually and depending on your qualifications, you will potentially manage a strong team that will engage with partners, drive ideas, manage execution, and ensure cross-company delivery.

In the role, you will be responsible for establishing a strategic foundation for partner co-branding and channel activities with the partners utilizing key assets and platforms across partners to support Phase One’s premium and lifestyle positioning towards global and well-defined target groups. This includes defining a brand and distribution territory for each partnership and a framework for building the right reach. It also means tapping into the partners’ brand universe, extended channel experiences and opportunities is key to deliver strong exposure and customer engagement. Thus, strategically-founded and innovative concept and business case development for the specific situation and partner is key to be successful in this role.

As Head of High Net Worth Partnerships & Channels, you will also be responsible for managing a budget allocated for brand partners and you will be in charge of the subsequent follow-up of impact and KPIs to consistently evaluate the effect and build cross-market learning. You will also have the responsibility to drive commerciality through specific concept developments, product programs, cross promotions, and brand collaborations, thus anchoring Phase One’s strategic position in the segment. Ultimately, your goal is to active Phase One’s products and brand in partner editions and distribution network, as well as systemizing this approach.

The role will be referencing to Pia Stangerup, Vice President of Marketing & Sales, and based on qualifications potentially join the board of directors.

Your profile
You are a strong and internationally-oriented profile, who comes with strong brand partnering and business development competencies, from working with acknowledged international oriented brands and companies. You are skilled in developing strong business cases that proves your strategic direction and decision. Fundamentally, you consider yourself a commercially-driven professional, who is able to see the bigger strategic picture and have the ability to identify new opportunities, set a direction and make sure you reach your goals.

You are experienced in driving and identifying commercially relevant distribution opportunities with relevant channel partners and driving the subsequently dialogue. Moreover, you have a natural interest in luxury and high-end brands and innovative partnership strategies.

As a person you are structured and always delivers on commitments, which originates from your high-level of energy and drive to achieve. You are a strong personal leader, who are able to motivate and create commitment across teams through your positive attitude and persistent can-do mindset. Building relations and managing different stakeholders comes natural to you and you enjoy working with other people. Apart from being a team player, you are also able to work independently in planning and organizing, and you have a structured approach to managing projects, internal and external teams and governance policies. You are also generally a natural collaborator and are able to and experienced with effortlessly working with international organizations and people.

If you want to know more about the job you can contact Klaus Markholt-Hansen on email: or phone: +45 29911037