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Case Study: Louis Poulsen x Free Agents™ - a freelance fairytale

Case Study: Louis Poulsen x Free Agents™ - a freelance fairytale

Meet David Obel Rosenkvist and Signe Duus. Together, they are now working at Louis Poulsen and D Studio - Signe as a freelancer and David as the CCCO of Louis Poulsen.


About Louis Poulsen and D Studio

D Studio Copenhagen is a design destination that brings together high-end design brands – B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Aclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen. As a dynamic and truly cross-brand experience, design lovers, professionals and private customers can go here to be inspired, meet, collaborate and connect with the very best of contemporary design culture, as well as to enjoy a unique design journey through the best selection of design furniture and lighting. D studio is now open in Copenhagen and in Milan, while waiting for other destinations to be added around the world.

David Obel Rosenkvist is the Chief Commercial and Creative Officer at Louis Poulsen where he is overseeing activities relating to Product & Design, Brand & Communication, Marketing & Digital as well as Visual Concepts. Along with a very dedicated and talented team of both permanent employees and freelancers, he uses his keen understanding of every business aspect to ensure that there are no discrepancies from initial ideation to final communication. In overseeing everything from end to end, David makes sure the product remains the fulcrum around which communication resolves.


Using freelancers for a competitive advantage

At Louis Poulsen and D Studio, they’re making great benefits of the experience that freelancers offer from different backgrounds, brands and organizations. 

Through the last couple of years, Free Agents™ has facilitated several successful freelance hires for Louis Poulsen and D Studio with Signe Duus as the latest. Signe was a perfect match and their collaboration ended being a little bit longer than anyone had expected.

Signe brought experience to D Studio and Louis Poulsen from several relevant areas. Her experience with global fashion with both Project Management and major B2B and B2C events gave her insight and knowledge which Louis Poulsen found very relevant and has allowed her to excel greatly in her freelance position.

In the case study movie above, you can check out how CCCO David Obel Rosenkvist and Louis Poulsen together with D Studio manage to have tremendous success with using freelancers. You’ll also get to meet Signe who as a freelancer was looking for a unique, instructive and challenging freelance role where she could both develop her professional skills while also managing her life as a new mom.


Looking for opportunities?

If you’re looking for a freelancer or a freelance job, do not hesitate to contact us over at Free Agents™ - you can reach out here freeagents@freeagents.network – we’ll look forward to speaking to you.